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Google Assistant Analyses Complex Dialogue and Conversation to Provide Precise Results

Soon after the launch of Google Assistant two years ago, it has been integrated with Android devices, as well as Home smart speakers. According to a post by Scott Huffman, the technology or foundation that made the workings of Google Assistant possible and allowed it to make it better day by day is the recognition of voice patterns and conversational interfaces.

More importantly, Google has observed that Google Assistant recognizes the command of users based on their routine and behavior every day so that users don’t have to keep repeating their commands. For example, there are many ways to command Google Assistant for setting an alarm such as:

  • Please wake me up at 5
  • I must wake up at 5

Even if you use multiple commands and complex dialogue, Google Assistant, by recognizing the daily behavior of users, deliver or tries to deliver accurate results. According to the stats based on Google Assistant’s analysis of our behavior and commands, Android devices suggest that our productivity and need for media and news interestingly decreases by day and increases at night while Google Home suggests that our productivity remains high until noon but decreases as the afternoon progresses and again increases in the evening.

The stats are interesting, but Google also observed that queries that we ask Google Assistant are 40 times more action-based than search-based. For example, people prefer Google Assistant to play music or control smart home functions for them. In a continuation of making human actions more automated and simplified, Google launched its Assistant tool on phones. Well, after the launch of Smart Displays, Google Assistant has become even more dynamic.

The best thing about Google Assistant incorporated in Smart Homes is that varieties of people, who are getting exposed to the internet or any kind of technology for the first time, are opting for Assistant, just because of curiosity, as well as well-known results from Assistant. The best example comes from India where the usage of Google Assistant has increased three times in 2018.

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